Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit

    • The CDC advises that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from Coronavirus. Guests should evaluate their own risk in determining whether to attend. People who show no symptoms can spread Coronavirus if they are infected, any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to Coronavirus. By coming to the park, you acknowledge and agree that you assume these inherent risks associated with attendance.

Our Commitment to Safety amid COVID-19

    • Clubhouse Fun Centers of Rochester understands the concerns of our guests regarding COVID-19 when planning a visit to one of our locations. The safety, security, and well-being of our guests and team members are of the utmost importance to the local ownership and management of the business. We are extremely excited to be able to re-open our business by continuing to provide great low-risk outdoor fun for local families and friends. We hope this provides some long overdue, much needed out of home entertainment. While we are excited to re-open we are highly committed to all guidelines set forth by State and local governments, the CDC, and local health agencies.
    As a locally owned Rochester business, we understand the community’s concerns and remain committed to keeping a clean and safe environment for you, your family and our team. Below are the changes to the operation of our attractions while adhering to our motto of Clean, Safe Family Fun.

Mini- Golf

      • We now require guests to bring and wear their own mask/protective face covering, we will also have masks available for purchase for those guests they may not have come with their own. We encourage our guests to maintain social distance from other guests where possible not only while on our expansive courses but while navigating other areas of our locations.
      • Up to four players per hole will be allowed to play from the same household/group playing together.
      • Clean sanitized clubs and balls are available for play for each and every player.
      • Play may not start until players in front of you have tee’d off on the next hole.
      • Social distancing will be required by keeping distance from the other players not in your group in front of or behind other players, signage will be posted throughout the courses as reminders.
      • To keep play at a faster pace a five shot maximum per player should be observed.
      • Self-cleaning sanitizing wipe stations and hand sanitizer have been added at the beginning and end of course.
      • All used clubs will be deposited in a tub at the final hole, these will be removed and sanitized by the Clubhouse team members, when they collect the balls for sanitation.
      • Team members will be available to answer questions, monitor play movement, and provide sanitation.

Go-Karts & Bumper Cars

      • Facemasks/coverings will be required while in Que lines and while riding on attractions.
      • Queue lines have social distancing signage and markers located on the floor and we ask guests to follow these steps while in line.
      • Immediate family members with small children will be allowed to stand in the queue together, but reminded to be aware of other guests’ distance too.
      • Go-Kart Race sessions will not be fully loaded to allow for social distancing and all drivers are instructed to keep distance while racing on the track. Two-Seater Go-Karts will only be loaded with guests from the same household.
      • Bumper Car Rides will only operate with the number of guests that are in the same family or group to allow for social distancing while on the ride.
      • Wait times may be longer due to occupancy and social distancing safety precautions.
      • Attendants are available to provide continuous disinfecting of rides and assist with any questions.
      • New disinfecting procedures have been implemented including a frequently scheduled application of Biocide 100 in a misting form to all surface areas including but not limited to steering wheels, hand levers, hand rails, gates, and high touch points.
      • Self-cleaning sanitizing wipe stations and hand sanitizer have been added at each attraction entrance and exit.

Gemstone Panning

      • There will be a limit of 5 guests panning at the assay station at a time of the same family members or people you traveled with.
      • All panning units will be fully washed and sanitized before they are used by another guest.
      • Social distancing reminder signage as well as markers on the concrete have been added around the assay panning station.

Game Room (Currently Unavailable)

      • Facemasks/coverings will be required at all times while playing in the indoor game room.
      • Social distancing signage has been placed throughout and markers have been added on the floor as well as one-way directional traffic markers and we ask guests to follow these recommended steps.
      • The total number of games has been reduced and additional spacing has been implemented in-between and throughout the game room area.
      • Wait times for particular games may be longer due to occupancy limitations and social distancing safety precautions, waiting area markers have been installed.
      • Attendants are available to provide continuous disinfecting of games and high touch points as well as assist with any questions.
      • Self-cleaning anti-microbial game wipe stations and additional hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the game room.
      • New disinfecting procedures have been implemented including a frequently scheduled application of Biocide 100 in a misting form to all surface areas including but not limited to buttons, card swipes and high touch points.

Indoor/Outdoor Cafe Dining Areas

      • Outside dining areas are allowed to be open in the Finger Lakes Region, and with the size and expanse of our areas we will be able to adhere to New York state and local guidelines for outdoor dining.
      • Inside dining options are also available in limited capacity as adhere to all New York state and local guidelines for restaurant dining.
      • All of our kitchen, dining and seating areas have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
      • All food preparation team members have been trained to adhere to CDC, state and local health guidelines regarding health and safety standards.
      • Our Clubhouse Café menu is available, our servers and cleaners maintain all safety guidelines.
      • We have removed furniture to create more space in the dining area as a means to adhere to social distancing practices, and in some cases removed the indoor dining area all together to allow for greater distancing measures.

Our Team has worked very hard following all state and local guidelines to re-open the business after a long 14 weeks of closure

Daily and Ongoing Deep Cleaning

      • Scheduled daily and continuous disinfection of all high-touch surfaces, within the building and throughout all of our attractions.
      • All equipment and surfaces are treated with: BioCide 100 an EPA registered disinfectant, germ and virus killer. It is a recommended disinfectant, sanitizer, germicide. Concentrated effective formula. RTU – Ready to use formula. Kills 99.9% of germs, virus, bacteria, spores, fungus, mildew, microbes that cause diseases and infectious surfaces.
      • Team members have been trained regarding enhanced cleaning protocols and provided with disinfecting products recommended by CDC, state and local health department.

Self-Cleaning Stations

      • Easy, readily available hand sanitization stations are conveniently located throughout the interior of the building, at all Point of Sale stations as well as the outdoor attractions.
      • Anti-Microbial wipe stations have been added throughout the game room so guests can wipe down high touch points and buttons on the games before use.

Our Team

      • Clubhouse Fun Center team members have all gone through updated training regarding social distancing, the importance of self-cleanliness and how to follow government orders and guidelines. In addition to adapting to the environment in which they work to help ensure adequate distancing, team members are required to wear masks and submit to temperature checks as well as answer Covid-19 specific health questions prior to each shift.

Social Distancing Measures

      • Actions to facilitate social distancing: Signs located from when you first enter a location to the queue lines and directional arrows at the attractions will guide you through each area and in the building. Indoor point of sale stations has had plexiglass barriers installed.
      • Team members have been trained to follow social distancing protocols and are able to answer any questions or assist in enforcing these guidelines.

We are closely monitoring all government policy changes, Centers for Disease Control guidelines, government mandates and public health advancements. We will continue to make necessary changes to appropriate protocols and procedures. We ask that if you do not feel well or are sick please do not visit our business and seek medical attention. Clubhouse Fun Center does reserve the right to refuse service and kindly reminds everyone that all safety guidelines must be adhered to.