The Clubhouse Fun Center of Rochester, NY - Go-Karts, Mini-Golf, and Birthday Parties


Go-Kart Action for All Ages!

Our amazing OUTDOOR Go-Kart track is fun for people of all ages! Kids, bring your parents or parents bring your kids, we promise this will be fun for all. If ever you wanted to feel like a kid again hop into one of our Go-Karts and enjoy the ride. Now featuring Rookie Go-Karts as well.

Single Go-Karts

Single go-karts are mostly for kids and adults that are over 58" in height.

Rookie Go-Karts

Rookie Karts are new to the Clubhouse. Rookie karts are suited for riders ranging in height from 48" to 57".

Double Go-Karts

Double Karts give smaller riders the thrill of the go kart track while a licensed driver handles the controls.

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